Anders-BerntellNationality: Swedish

Country of residence: Sweden

Current Position:
Executive Director, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)

What prompted your early interest in the environment?
When I saw the effects of acidification (caused by long range transboundary air- pollution) on Swedish lakes. The ecosystems changed dramatically. They appeared to be “dead lakes”.

Profile-200Nationality:  Canadian

Country of residence: USA

Current Position: Sustainable Development Officer, UN DESA - Coordinator Major groups, focal points for sustainable agriculture and sustainable consumption and production.

Chief-Adam-on-farmonlineChief Adam Tampuri is here as part of a delegation of Fairtrade farmers and representatives. It is the first time he has been to a COP, and for Fairtrade this is also the first serious engagement in climate change advocacy at the global level.

Nationality: Ghanaian

Country and place of residence: Bole in the Northern Region of Ghana

Current position: Chair of the Gbankuliso Cashew Farmers Association: a Fairtrade certified small farmers cooperative with a membership of 800, of which 20% are women