Nationality: Kenyan

Country of residence: USA

Current Position: Professor of the Practice of International Development and Director of Agricultural Innovation in Africa Project at Harvard Kennedy School

Janos Pasztor PicNationality: Hungarian

Residence: USA

What prompted your early interest in the environment?

I think that my first real interest in the environment was when I read The Limits to Growth. What struck me was that we can’t just continue growing, producing and consuming the resources that we do. Those resources are already limited and we cannot continue to limit them. To me, it’s also a global situation and not just about one region. I’ve always had a background with the idea of “globality”, linked to my father, who studied and worked abroad. Through him and other experiences, I’ve come to realize that you’re not just from one country and that you’re part of a huge world.

geoffwebNationality: British

Country of residence: UK

Current Position: Chairman, SustainAbility; and Research Fellow, Green Templeton College, Oxford

How did you get to the role you are in today and what advice would you give aspiring climate champions?  

I shifted my career 20 years ago from (unwittingly) encouraging unsustainable consumption as an advertising and marketing professional to working out how I could encourage business to be part of the solution, which is what SustainAbility does.  I am wary of advising people on how they should spend their lives, but anyone aware of the massive disruptions climate insecurity will bring should ask themselves what skills, innovative solutions, and networks they can leverage to make a difference, however small.

Brice LaLonde PicNationality: French

Country of residence: USA

How did you get to the role where you are today and what advice do you have for aspiring climate champions/or sustainable development champions?

I’ve been a climate change negotiator for thirty years, after having been an environmental specialist for the last 14 years. I began as an activist in 1972 and then became a minister in 1992. From 2007-2010 I was an ambassador. It was during this time that I thought that climate change negotiations lacked the view of the “big picture” and therefore I thought that Rio+20 was the right thing to organize.