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COP 18

7 December, 2012 COP 18-Day 11: Disasters 

Women and girls are the pillars of resilience. Empowerment can enable women to make strategic life choices which will not only help them overcome the individual impacts of disasters but also go a long way towards creating a disaster resilient society."

- Dr. Mayarani Praharaj College of Engineering and Technology Bhubaneswar (CETB), India

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6 December, 2012 COP 18-Day 10: Private Sector

[I]n the future, engaging the private sector in the international climate change framework will remain as key to success as it was during the Kyoto era."

- Narae Lee, Inter-American Development Bank Group and Johns Hopkins University

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5 December, 2012 COP 18-Day 9: Sustainable Cities 

Cities have the potential to influence the causes of climate change and they have the solutions to advance climate protection. When they are properly planned, adequately resourced and managed through the appropriate governance structures, they are places of innovation and efficiency."

- Raf Tut, Coordinator, Urban Planning and Design Branch, UN Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT

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4 December, 2012 COP 18-Day 8: Oceans, Water and Climate Change 

Climate change is water change – sustainable water resources management is key to successful climate mitigation and adaptation."

- Karin Lexén, SIWI

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3 December, 2012 COP 18-Day 7: Health

As for so much of the climate agenda, the challenge [with health] is in converting the clear scientific evidence into the political will and means to bring positive change."

- Maria Neira, World Health Organization

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30 November, 2012 COP 18-Day 5: Forests

The participants in the ongoing COP18 in Doha should emphasise the need for national governments, especially in Africa, to provide incentives for communities to protect natural forest within their control.."

- Tore Nankoris, You and I Kenya

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29 November, 2012 COP 18-Day 4: Food Security

A sustainable food production system is possible – one which delivers environmental protection, reduces GHG emissions and ensures good animal welfare, public health and meat quality."

World Society for the Protection of Animals

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28 November, 2012 COP 18-Day3 : Climate Change and Energy

“What countries know that they can do – and must do – at home, finally needs to be reflected at this COP and beyond. Energy ought to bring new power to the negotiations"

- Alexander Ochs, Worldwatch Institute

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27 November, 2012 COP 18-Day2 : Gender and Climate Change

“Women are the fountain of life. They are mothers, innovators, educators, farmers and custodians of the environment

- Mary Robinson, Mary Robinson Foundation

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26 November, 2012 COP 18-Day1 : Framework for Climate Action

“Climate change was predicted to arrive tomorrow but it is happening today. For this reason, the moment for climate justice has arrived”

Edward Cameron, World Resources Institute and Tara Shine, Mary Robinson Foundation

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COP 17

8 December 2011 - Asia

In listening to the women’s stories throughout COP 17 and hearing the joy and energy in their song, there was no doubt about the transformative potential of these women to play a key role in climate change solutions – both within their communities and on the international stage..

Sally Wilkinson, GenderCC

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7 December 2011 - Water

The rich countries that already use most of their own hydropower potential have systematically blocked Africa’s efforts to do the same, even though currently less than 5% of Africa’s potential is being exploited.

Mike Muller, Global Water Partnership’s Technical Advisory Committee

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6 December 2011 - Forestry and Agriculture

I think negotiators should be taken to live in communities already impacted, and COPs should be held in places where people are suffering as a result of climate change, rather than big cities with comfortable hotels like Durban. From what I have seen here, the COPs are a way for many people to make a good living, so they should also be held accountable to make some good decisions.

Chief Adam Tampuri

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5 December 2011 - Post-Kyoto

Much of the technology needed to combat the health threats of climate change already exists. There are sophisticated systems in place for monitoring environmental and disease parameters; they must, however, be extended to those contexts in which the populations are most vulnerable.

Timothy Bouley MD


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2 December 2011 - Private Sector

The parallels of the ecological problems with the financial crisis are clear. The banks and financial institutions privatized the gains and socialized the losses. We are doing the same with the planet's natural capital. Our present lifestyles are drawing down the ecological capital from other parts of the world and from future generations. We are increasingly becoming the most irresponsible generation our planet has seen.

Felix Dodds, Executive Director of Stakeholder Forum

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1 December 2011 - Americas

I am trying to break through false dichotomies, in particular this one: you can believe in climate change or be a Republican.

John Howard


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30 November 2011 - Leadership

In order for any progress to be made at these negotiations, the interests of people must be put before polluters; only then will we get the fair, ambitious and legally binding action we need to avert the climate crisis

Megan McCarthy, Canadian Youth Delegation

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November 29, 2011 - EU

Do or do not. There is no try. Daisy Streatfeild's favourite quote from Yoda

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28 November 2011 - Africa

We can’t afford for an international agreement to be achieved later than 2016. A lot of people are talking about 2020, but that’s too late. It needs to be a binding and comprehensive climate change regime that includes around 85% of the world’s emissions.

Gareth Morgan - South African MP

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