Local government climate roadmap – Lima Communiqué

On Monday, alongside COP20, Lima convened the biggest gathering of Mayors and climate action experts since the New York Climate Summit. The meeting’s key outcome – the “Lima Communiqué” – outlines the scientific basis for climate action, and cements the commitment of local governments to step up collaborative climate action and scale down greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Communiqué will feed into the ongoing UNFCCC negotiations, where over 190 countries are negotiating the draft text of new international climate change agreement. 

1- LATEST SCIENCE SIGNALS THAT WE ARE CLOSE TO AT A POINT OF NO-RETURN WHICH NO CITY/REGION CAN BEAR: Global warming and related climatic changes are approaching a “point of no-return”. No city or region is climate-proof from catastrophic impacts and slow-onset changes. Ambitious commitments and actions by local and subnational governments can help nations move to a climate-friendly track – addressing both mitigation and adaptation as equal focus areas.

2- WE ASK FOR AN INCLUSIVE AND AMBITIOUS CLIMATE REGIME: Initiatives at the national (like Resilient Communities for America or CB27 in Brazil), regional (like the European Covenant of Mayors) or global (like the Mexico City Pact, Durban Adaptation Charter and finally ambitious commitments announced at the Climate Summit 2014 , in particular Compact of Mayors and Compact of States and Regions) level should be taken into account in the preparation and implementation of Intended Nationally Determined Commitments (INDCs), Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS) and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), amongst others.

3- WE PRAISE THE VISION AND EFFORTS OF ALL ADP CO-CHAIRS; TROIKA OF COP19-20-21; THE UNFCCC SECRETARIAT; FRIENDS OF CITIES AND THEIR ALLIES: We warmly welcome the participatory process throughout the ADP, including key policy proposals and findings discussed at Technical Expert Meetings (TEM) and captured in Technical Papers, in particular the establishment of an action plan for nations to work with local and subnational governments. The vision laid out in para37a and 37b of ADP Co-Chairs Draft Text of 11 November 2014 , which refers to further enhancement of financial mechanisms and regulatory frameworks for local and subnational governments should be fully reflected in the final Lima Outcomes.

4- WE COMMIT TO CONTINUE OUR PARTNERSHIP WITH ALL ACTORS AND AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT TO SCALE UP CLIMATE ACTION. A joint declaration between local governments and representatives from all constituencies engaged in the UNFCCC process, with a focus on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals, was launched at the Climate Summit in New-York on 23 September 2014. We invite all actors of civil society as well as parliamentary and judicial bodies to expand and enrich collaboration with their local and subnational governments. We are committed to continue our work with national delegations aligned around the Friends of Cities Group and expand its effectiveness at the UNFCCC negotiations.

5- WE COMMIT TO ACCELERATE OUR GLOBAL ADVOCACY AND RAISE OUR CLIMATE AMBITION: We commit to accelerate our global advocacy coalition under the Local Government Climate Roadmap and the Global Task Force, raise our ambitions through our initiatives mentioned in para.2, enhance our global transparency and accountability through regional process like the Sustainable Energy Action Plan of the European Covenant of Mayors and at the global level through the carbonn Climate Registry which is connected to other national, regional, global reporting platforms as appropriate by enabling reporting through local, national and regional methodologies and tools. We support the Lima Climate Action Agenda of COP20/CMP10 Presidency and we will convene the Local Government Pavilion 2015 and Summit of Cities in Paris at COP21/CMP11 to kick-off “100 Transformative Actions for a Global 10-Year Action Plan of Low-Carbon, Low-Emissions, and Climate-Resilient Urban Development”.

The Lima Communique facilitated by ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability and United Cities and Local Governments